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outdoors : by Tommy - March 12th 2008, 02:48PM
It's 2008 Hummingbird season. Depending on where you live you can expect the influx of hummingbirds in your vicinity very soon. Being in northeast Texas, I anticipate that I'll have them here sometime within the next 2 days.

My feeders are ready to go. I dug them out, cleaned them up and checked their hanging hooks. I mixed up a batch of hummingbird nectar (see below) and filled one feeder up. The others will come out after I see the first hummers here. Walmart has some great wide-mouth feeders for less than $4 that are super easy to clean and plenty of feeder holes. If you have a window that's easy to get to, why not put up a hummingbird feeder. They're one of the best forms of entertainment while sitting outside doing nothing. The little birds will dive-bomb each other and dog-fight all around you trying to protect their precious sugar water.

Hummingbird nectar recipe
1c table sugar (don't use honey or any other sugar)
4c tap water (nothing special here)

You can make more, just keep the 1:4 ratio. Stir the sugar until it dissolves in the water. Don't use red food coloring - it isn't needed and can be bad for the birds. You don't have to boil it either. If you do, just remember not to put boiling hot water in your feeder! Store any leftover nectar in a 2 liter bottle in the fridge until needed. Check your feeder every few days for any signs of contamination (bacteria and mold love sugar water). If it is dirty, empty the feeder rinse it out (don't use soap!) and refill.

To find out when hummingbirds will be in your neck of the woods, check out this cool migration map (if you're out west, you get birds too), and here's a some video of hummingbirds from YouTube. There's also plenty of other links about these amazing birds.


+ Corey T.
  Mar 13, 2008 14:24
Well, at least you can speak their language.


--- Tommy G.
  Mar 13, 2008 17:11
I speak bird.

--- Tommy G.
  Mar 13, 2008 17:21
Actually, funny story:
Last year Jennifer and I were sitting on the porch with my laptop watching the hummingbirds. I found a page with North American Hummingbird sounds. I clicked each one to see if I could get a response.

I can only imagine what was being said between my computer and some ticked off little hummers. It was great fun and worth repeating.

--- Cory D.
  Mar 14, 2008 10:55
What you say bout my momma?

+ Cory D.
  Mar 13, 2008 14:33


--- anonymous
  Mar 15, 2008 16:01

+ Nathan R.
  Mar 25, 2008 09:06
what if you use splenda instead of sugar? Do they drop it like it's hot?


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