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Video Card
hardware : by Tommy - October 17th 2003, 01:29AM
Last January or February I purchased a PNY Verto GeForce4 Ti4600. Very nice card. I was very happy with it. ---up until about a month ago. It started crapping out on me for some reason. It started showing a repeating pattern of green, pink, and yellow dots.

So I called PNY's tech-support (that was a story in itself!). After a couple of days I got an RMA number for me to return the video card back to them. The catch was I had to enclose a copy of the original receipt. Something I didn't have. I informed Havoc of my plight, he told me he had a receipt from NewEgg.com that I could probably pass off as the original receipt. Good idea!
So I edited the information to fit my situation, edited the price to make it fit, and made up a neat, official-sounding order number. Put that in a box, shipped it off and crossed my fingers.
About 3 days later I got an email telling me the package was received and they were sending me a new card to replace the bad one.

So the package finally gets here. I open the box to find it's not a Ge4-4600 like I had sent to them. Instead its a GeForce FX 5900! A faster and better card. Bonus! Not to mention it has S-Video, DVI and a copy of Splinter Cell to boot!

The card rules. I've maxed out BF1942's graphics settings and still no lag. Only when I turned on 8x FSAA did any lag show up (and it was quite noticeable!) --- this whole time I had 8x Ansiotropic Filtering on too!

All this to say, I'm happy with PNY's return policy, lifetime warranty deal, and feel lucky that they don't check order numbers on forged online receipts.
And GeFX cards rock. Especially when you see the Dusk graphics demo from nVidia.

MrPresident sez: crap you are lucky... I want to be like you when I grow up.
Havoc sez: Tommy's my hero.


+ Tommy G.
  Jan 13, 2006 21:20
RMA submitted for this new card. Having problems with it in Call of Duty 2... :(


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