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Throw off your noobish chains!
neodux : by Corey - June 28th 2005, 10:54AM
Many a moment have been spent by various contributors of this website, namely the great Grendel himself, in fixing errors committed by those who are entirely too silly to learn basic markup tags for links.

The scary thing is that most of you gallant offenders try to compensate for this lack of not being dumb by instituting some veiled attempt at forum delimiting code. No more, says I! Herein will you find the key to all that you desire, or at least something that makes us smack our heads in frustration a tad less.


Item One: The Anchor Tag

The anchor tag is the root basis for creating a link. It says to the browser, "O hay, you remember where I am, being an anchor and all, and you go check out this page that I'm linking." It is because of this that you can click back after clicking a link and the browser knows what page to display.

Item Two: The Hypertext REFerence

The hypertext reference, or href, says to the browser, "Why hello there! This is where we'll be traveling today!" In short, it is the page to which the link points. Combining these two ideas is some markup that looks like the following:

<a href="yourlinkhere.html" target="_blank">

Note: The purpose for the angle brackets, < and >, is to delimit the markup from plain text. They let the browser know what is HTML and what is not. The equal sign and the quotation marks are common ways to identify and specify a variable. In our case, where the link is going.

Item Three: Naming And Closing The Anchor

So, after you've opened the anchor, provided a hypertext reference, and specified where you want the link to go, you need to name the link and close the anchor tag. The link name is what will be displayed by the browser when it reads the link markup. This value is specified between the opening and closing anchor tags. To close the anchor tag, simply issue another anchor tag but with a forward slash in front, like thus:

<a href="yourlinkhere.html" target="_blank">Your Link</a>

More goodies on HTML can be found at HTML Goodies.


+ Dustin B.
  Jun 28, 2005 15:15
yays! now i can post links up for one and all to see! no more forum code for me! I'm a new man!!!


+ anonymous
  Jun 28, 2005 18:02
HTML goodies freaking rules. I taught myself basic HTML using that page.


+ Paul A.
  Jun 28, 2005 18:03
^ I keep forgetting to log in.


+ Bill S.
  Jun 28, 2005 21:43
So is that the way you h4x computarz?


+ Greg Gober
  Jun 29, 2005 10:18
I dont want to teach myself HTML, I want a scripted pop up where I just paste in the crap link and what I want to call the link and it slaps the crap in there for me.

Ignorance is bliss, and Im lazy, so I really dont want to wade through a ton of hmtl 4.0 cmds and tips to learn how to make simple links.

Basically I dont care how the flowerblossom works, I just want it to work. If I have to go teach myself HTML to post a link that isnt a good design.


+ Jeff G.
  Jun 29, 2005 13:31
admit it HTML is just too good for you, you cant handle the hyper fast text thats marking up... in a language you dont understand!


+ Corey T.
  Jun 29, 2005 22:47
Araolath, in my day we took people with your attitude behind a farmhouse somewhere and whaled the tar out of 'em.


+ Tommy G.
  Jul 01, 2005 10:56
HTML isn't good design. Tim Berners-Lee would differ.


+ Greg Gober
  Jul 11, 2005 14:33
This is like me telling Grendel he needs to learn how the car works if he plans to drive it. I can explain most facets of a modern combustion engine, but most drivers dont give a rat's booty about that, they just want a vehicle that gets them where they want to go.

I didnt say anything about the quality of design of the HTML language, I was refering to the fact that I was being told I need to go learn a new language in order to make a simple link.

One of you code loving freaks need to make a supliment to the shout box that automates the posting and shortening of links


+ Greg Gober
  Jul 11, 2005 14:34
and BTW Mackieman, 2 of will walk out behind the farmhouse but I'm the only one walking back.


+ Dan F.
  Jul 13, 2005 19:43
bookmark this and select it when you are on the page you want a bookmark of


+ Dan F.
  Jul 13, 2005 19:44
that link and more at this site


+ Tommy G.
  Jul 20, 2005 12:18
Very nice ltd.


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