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Reverse Moronic Polarity
rant : by Tommy - November 19th 2003, 12:31PM
So last night I got in an accident at 12:25a. My car is totalled, and I'm beginning to realize that I can not drive a decent car for any length of time before the stupid, moronic drivers on the roads find me and put an end to my nice car(s).

This girl claims she 'never saw' me or this other truck right behind me. She was driving all emotional and crying and crap. Moron.
The wreck I had before this was a middle-aged accountant that still lived at home, and was turning left, unprotected, through a busy intersection. (I-10 @ Garth, Baytown) Moron.
Before that, the most stupid of the drivers that I've encounter in said way, pulled out of the Baytown Albertson's parking lot, across 2 lanes of oncoming traffic so he could "try to beat" the oncoming traffic. Even though the guy he was trying to beat, yours truly, was only about 25ft away from him and only going about 45mph! (Unless his car is capable of accelerating and moving him across the two lanes (24ft) in less than .37 seconds from a dead stop. Which I don't think a 1982 hatchback can do. *which happens to be about 64mph in less than half a second.) Moron.

All this to say, since the laws of physics say that opposites attract, and these people are all morons, I must be of a reverse-moronic polarity. Meaning, I am clearly not a moron. So, for anyone out there that ever says, "Hey, you know, that Tommy guy is a moron", I say "Correction sir, you are the moron, the laws of physics require that you be the moron".

Right you are, Ken.


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