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REM : Greatest Hits
music : by Tommy - September 18th 2003, 12:21AM
I'm fired up. REM is on tour for the Greatest Hits record that should be out soon. Its got all their hits, "End of the World", "What's the Frequency, Kenneth?", "Everybody Hurts", and some of their lesser known hits "Find the River", "Begin the Begin", "Fall On Me".

update : The show was awesome! Everything was great. They should post the setlist to their website. Ed Harcourt sounded quite a bit like Coldplay, with maybe some Radiohead thrown in for 'artistic genius'. REM came out kickin' with "Begin the Begin". Also got to hear a few new songs, as well as their biggest hits (save for a few from Monster). They ended with a great little tune called "End of the World...". , and was probably the best way to end an REM show. I loved it.

For more information, visit REM's site at www.REMHQ.com.


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