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Online Sources for Music
music : by Tommy - April 30th 2006, 10:17PM
Well, I'm a late bloomer I guess. About two weeks ago I finally tuned into Last.FM, one of those "if you like _____ band, check out ______" type of sites. They recommend (and stream) music from other musicians based on your preferences. Sounds familiar?

About the time I was really digging LastFM, one of my friends told me about Pandora, another site with a much simpler interface and no need to install any "player" or anything. I've since been using Pandora exclusively. I've found several new songs on Pandora that I otherwise wouldn't hear while living in the Piney Woods. A few of you I know have satellite radio, another excellent source for new music. However, Pandora and LastFM allow you to rate a song good/bad/hate it and will fine tune your selections based on musical criteria put forth by the Music Genome Project. (Besides, it's free to use these online services!)

rant: I might continue to use Pandora more if I weren't being slapped with a monthly 3Gb transfer limit by the LeTourneau IT Department. (All students will be given 3Gb of free transfer, $100/semester if you want 10Gb/mon... and the prices go up from there.)


+ anonymous
  May 01, 2006 18:37
LeTourneau giving everybody the bandwidth limitation is the suck.
I have a little packet they gave me on the subject, i should get it scanned so you can see the gayness.


+ Jeff G.
  May 01, 2006 18:37
^ was me


+ Greg Gober
  May 02, 2006 19:13
me likey the pandora


+ Tim L.
  May 15, 2006 05:44
Yeah, Pandora is pretty neat.


+ Tommy G.
  May 26, 2006 09:21
Rip some tunes from Pandora


+ anonymous
  Jun 15, 2006 16:33
yo, read your post about pandora...
there is a hack that lets you save songs you like that play on it as mp3s on your computer. kinda makes the 3GB transfer a little more useful as after a month you'd have every song they play anyway.
you can get the hack here:
i'm sure you can figure it out, but if you have questions, just ask.


+ anonymous
  Jun 15, 2006 16:34
the MP3s are stored in a temp file on your HDD while they play. this program just finds the temp file, moves it to an MP3 folder and tags it with ID3 tags for you.


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