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My kids are the best!
rant : by Nate - July 30th 2007, 01:46PM
Okay, as if the multi-colored ribbons and "in memory of" window stickers weren't annoying enough, behold the latest, and possibly most annoying trend in automobile accesorization: window decals for each of your kids' extra-curricular activities.

Often seen on the backs of Plano-resident-soccer-moms' SUVs, these ubiquitous distractions do nothing more than communicate to other drivers that you have one or more bratty children that are most likely undisciplined heathens, pushed into athletics by their over-bearing parents. These things are like letter-jackets for parents who wish they were still in high-school and want to show off their children like merit badges. I finally snapped when I saw a Yukon with no less than 13 of these things, representing all the various interests of only 3 children.

I'm not discouraging kids having extra-curricular activities, or active parenting, but if little Connor or Madison happen to be members of the pee-wee soccer squad, don't delude yourself into following the unwashed masses and believing that you aren't a good parent if you don't clutter up your car with an homage to them.


+ Tommy G.
  Jul 31, 2007 12:32

Don't forget Miss Lucy!


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