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Mozilla Firefox
windows : by Tommy - July 6th 2004, 10:42PM
Ok, by now, most of you have heard in the news about the security problems with Microsoft's Internet Explorer. The latest exploits allow "hackers" to install keyloggers to steal passwords, etc. (nevermind the odds of them actually getting your information)
So, after hearing the praises of Mozilla from xulphlux.com/comments.php?mode=display&aid=90" target="_blank">friends and news stories. And with CERT recommending the switch from IE to Mozilla, I decided it was time for me to give it a shot.

This afternoon I did it. I ditched IE and Outlook Express altogether. I'm now using Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird to replace each program. Thunderbird offers Outlook Express conversion tools to copy over your Address Book and current emails. The Extensions for Firefox are the crown jewels of Mozilla. The Firefox browser is highly customizable and very, very highly recommended. It is a change from the IE you might be used to, but very worth the switch. The Thunderbird mail client is also worth a look if you're sick of all the incoming spam in Outlook and the possible email virus infections so common with Outlook Express.


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