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rant : by Bill - August 3rd 2004, 10:25PM
Just checking in to let all know what it is like in Costa Rica. So far, all has gone as planned. I have rather much liked my time here and will definitely own a house here. Only bad things here are the fact that everyone looks at the tall, white American and believes he is hellaweathy, so the bums always come up to me, and the taxis try to rip me off. They can all go to hell though, especially the taxis. I only walk and take the busses now. This will probably be my crappiest post ever, because WIN98 is in spanish, and the spanish keyboards totally suck. Seriously... why the hell do you have to rearange every freaking key. Anyway, this POS intel-celeroń/56mbRAM computer is tinkleing me off, so I will end this now. I only ask that Tommy find a way to improve this for me.

International politicing for George Bush is going very well. I have changed the minds of the Costa Ricans, as well as a couple hippies from the United States (Iowa & forgot the otherone). Costa Rica is now a safe place for Americans again. (you're welcome)


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