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Lokitorrent.com scandal a hoax
news : by Paul - February 24th 2005, 09:10PM
Shamelessly ripped from the pages of Slashdot...

The following link was posted with some pretty damning evidence (or lack thereof) that Lokitorrent.com was really sued by the MPAA. Apparently, the guy that owned the domain paid off the MPAA with some trifling settlement, then ran with the money donated to his "legal fund"... weird, wild stuff.

Read more on the story, here.


+ James S.
  Feb 25, 2005 10:12
Kind of makes you wonder if the amount that was supposedly was donated was the actual value, or inflated to make people think that they should also donate. In either case, he's likely worried and tinkleed off a lot of people.


+ Paul A.
  Feb 25, 2005 14:40
I saw that coming from miles away. Who wouldn't run off with an easy 30~60k? The guy is running a popular site that allows you to download pirated stuff. You'd have to be naive to donate money to a place like Lokitorrent.


+ Tommy G.
  Feb 25, 2005 16:18
Donate to Neodux instead!


+ Tommy G.
  Feb 25, 2005 16:20
I'll be up front with you, I will spend the money on one of three things:
- Food (beer?)
- New case for Neodux
- Ham Radio stuff


+ Robert L.
  Feb 27, 2005 18:27
My monthly bills for escorts are outrageous.


+ Robert L.
  Feb 27, 2005 18:28
I don't like to spend money on anything actually.


+ Bill S.
  Mar 08, 2005 19:52
I keep my money to myself, screw everyone else. If you are dumb enough to donate money to a guy involved in an illegal practice, then by all means, let the fires of getting burned be upon you.


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