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Girl Drivers == t3h sux0r
news : by Tommy - November 19th 2003, 03:23AM
So, I'm on my way home from the SFA Observatory Tuesday night/Wednesday morning (whatever 12:20a is), heading south on Highway 59. I'm just inside Nacogdoches city limits, when this stupid breezy pulls out from a side road, blows thru a stop sign, across the highway and into my right lane. I hit the brakes to avoid plowing into the backend of her. The brakes squeal and I start to slide, I counter-steer to try to stay on the road, but going about 60mph its almost useless.
I nail a curb, get airborne for about 10 feet in my lovely little '96 Mazda Protegé. I dig into the ground about 6 inches when I come down, clip a telephone pole, which rips off my front passenger-side wheel, strut and axle.

The airbags came out as soon as I hit the curb, I don't recall ever seeing that pole I hit, and I was not injured (from what I can tell). I get out of my smoke-filled car to see her driving away!
Fortunatly this nice guy, Craig, chased after her to get her license plate. A couple of her friends from down the road came down to say that she had left their house and gave her name and address to the Nacogdoches Police. The police contacted the girl, got her insurance and informed her of what she had done. I am going to file with her insurance and let them know what a stupid, blind moron she is.

Rest in Peace little Protegé, we barely knew ye.


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