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Geeks Needed
rant : by Tommy - January 1st 2008, 03:13PM
First of all, check out this guy's adoration for this 60 Minutes segment over how badly geeks are in need.

I watch pieces like this and really wonder how long we'll be stuck in a society full of ludites. Seriously, how hard is it? There's not alot of variance among electronic items today. It might take a moment to inspect the product, understand it's uses and connections. After that it's just plugging it in. Things are so color coded and on-the-device labeled, it's not that hard.

I especially liked the bit about the NYC school teacher than spent a long time trying to hook up his new HDTV. Really? HDTV hookup? Things are labeled. Theres one input for the TV signal, one for the DVD or other video device. What could you get stuck on?

The guy with the Ph.D. that said "I have an engineering degree from MIT and I couldn't figure it out", really got to me. What could that possibly have to do with anything. Judging from his looks his undergrad was probably done when Roosevelt was president. Furthermore, what does it matter that he was an engineer? (Especially if you learned on vacuum tube technology!)

It still bothers me that people bank on their laurels of a college degree to show infinitely complicated something must be to figure out. "If I can't, than surely a person without a degree can't." AT this point, I'll remind my readers that I still don't have a bachelor's, and I can't think of any problems I've encountered with new products. I can't say that anything I've learned in any of my classes has helped me hook up and use consumer devices. (If anything I have a better understanding of how little bearing college has on "real life".
Grimlen and I hooked up my mom's HDTV on Christmas day without looking at the manual and we're not even Geek Squad employees! Go figure.


+ anonymous
  Jan 01, 2008 15:38
First of all, thanks for the link love. Second, I agree 100%. I don't get why people think this stuff is so hard to figure out, but then again I am a bit of a tech nerd.

-El Di Pablo


+ Nate K.
  Jan 02, 2008 14:34
"Just the thought of learning anything new makes my head hurt."

I think that quote by the host sums up the attitude of these tards the best. There is a strange blend of pride an ignorance which they mask in order to justify their continuing ineptitude. While I do think that a lot of products are more complicated than they need to be, it has a lot to do with the fact that they are just trying to meet the demands of customers who don't really know what they want and are too lazy to figure it out.

"Do you want a corkscrew or a can -opener? We'll just make a Swiss Army Kinife so that everyone's happy."

If you can master the principles of "inputs" and "outputs" you have 95% of the required knowledge to hook up any consumer device. If these ideas are too complicated for you to grasp, you should probably be wearing a helmet right now and scheduling a vasectomy/tubal ligation as fast as possible.


--- Nate K.
  Jan 02, 2008 14:51
...And since when does MIT give engineering degrees out to these common-tards?

There's a lot to be said for keeping a design simple so that it's easier to work, but a TV? How much easier does it get? I have an engineering degree, but like T said, it has no relevance to my abilities to "hook things up." It requires very little cognitive ability or training, rather just an attitude of being willing to learn. Maybe TVs should come with two remotes, one for people who don't mind learning new things, and one for those that won't, and label them accordingly.

When you hear your company's computer guy say, "Was that so hard?" He's not questioning your intelligence, but rather your unwillingness to really try.

In my experience, Geek Squad is a bigger scam than shady auto mechanics, but if you too lazy to figure stuff out for yourself, you deserve to pay out the rear for their services.

+ Tommy G.
  Jan 05, 2008 12:55
Here's an example of how this whole "I don't get technology" can actually hurt businesses: A California resident that must have no earthly idea that MP3s existed prior to the iPod or even Napster, has filed a lawsuit against Apple Computer over Apple's entire iPod marketing strategy. I'll spare you the details, but essentially she claims that if you buy music online, you must be getting it from iTunes and if you buy from iTunes, you can only play it on an iPod. She claims that Apple should be forced to license WMA from Microsoft.

I can't believe she isn't suing because the iPod is so hard to use, or that it has all those weird buttons and no "On/Off" switch.

It's lawsuits like this, filed by people that don't understand the true alternatives (or that subscribe to the mainstream "oh, uh, me too" mentality) that can hurt industry. I'm all for open standards, but isn't even about DRM or anything. She actually thinks you can only buy from iTunes if you own an iPod.

My point is: don't cry foul if you don't understand the game.


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