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Free SP2 CD
windows : by Corey - October 31st 2004, 11:48AM
Microsoft has always offered copies of security patches and the like on CD for a nominal fee of $6 or so plus shipping. In what I can only perceive as a move to save face after all the problems that were identified pre-SP2, Microsoft is giving SP2 CD's away for free. If you didn't download the Network install or are on a slow connection, this is a great way to get the updates free from Microsoft. Click here to fill out the form. It takes four to six weeks to get the CD, reportedly.

Grendel sez: Yeah, I ordered my CD a while back, and got it in a little shorter than 6 weeks I believe. However, now that so many people have heard of the free CD offer, I'm sure it'll take quite a while.


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