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Best Buy BS
rant : by Paul - June 13th 2005, 11:42AM
I drove to Best Buy today in search of that 20 dollar Creative 30 gig MP3 player. Unfortunetly, all of the employees took advantage of the price glitch and there were no more.

Anyway, as I was browsing around checking out laptops, there was this Salesguy explaining to a woman how to remove spyware from her machine. I always wondered why people were so hell-bent on using programs like Spy Sweeper and Nortan Internet Securities, but now I know why.

The salesguy was just throwing out this stuff like jelly donuts to a fat kid; the lady was just eating it up. BS lines such as "Well, Spybot and Ad-aware don't really work too well because they are free. Spysweeper stops it in 'REAL TIME.'" Other lines such as "Nortan Internet Securities is the best!" were just appalling. I wanted to just say "You sir, are full of erroneous information!", but he kept going on and on; it would have been pointless.

I also remember a time when I needed a video card and just happened to be at a Best Buy. I asked the sales guy where his video cards were, and he asked me what kind I wanted. Now, this is the time where 3DfX JUST released the VooDoo 5, and was bought out shortly thereafter by nVidia. I told him I wanted a GeForce 2, but he actually said "Nah man, you gotta wait for the VooDoo 9, it's going to RAWK!" I kid you not, he actually said RAWK.

I blame companies such as Best Buy for such blatent mis-information about important concepts such as spyware removal. It's bad enough that spyware sucks fart-canister, but adding suck software to the mix just makes the suck factor suck more. Amazingly, some people take Best Buy's word as gospel, and you can't convince them otherwise because you don't work at a billion dollar corporation and look like a Jehovah's witness while dawning the title AGENT 69 and driving a gay Volkswagon Bug with the title "Geek Squad" plastered on the side (that is a rant for another time).

Best Buy fills my body with rage sometimes.


+ Tommy G.
  Jun 14, 2005 12:12
What?! You aren't wearing a blue polo shirt, why should I listen to you???


+ Bill S.
  Aug 02, 2005 20:17
The Baytown Best Buy is the crappiest one I have ever seen. As far as the salesmen go... I cannot believe I was passed up for those morons.


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