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rant : by Tommy - April 27th 2007, 03:00AM
Okay, you know what? "Amazing" is being overused. It's become part of the hipster vernacular and I can't stand it. Amazing should only be used by sports broadcasters when reviewing highlight reels. (i.e. "an amazing catch" or "amazing hit") Amazing is not a word to be used to describe food, movies, music or any artistic expression.

When used to describe food, movies or music, I think "amazing" is right up there on the Scale of Gay with "fabulous". You would never call something fabulous unless you really wanted to sound gay, right? So why call something amazing?

Cool, awesome, sweet - these are all acceptable terms for describing something you've found to be pleasing. Not amazing. Very few things in life are truly amazing. To be amazed, according to dictionary.com, is "to overwhelm with surprise or sudden wonder". I seriously doubt you were overwhelmed with wonder by tasting some soft serve ice cream (if you were, you really need to get out once in a while; a whole world awaits you). Were you really astonished at the sound of that new indy rock album? If so, you must never listen to anything but the grass growing or the sound of ear wax collecting in your thick head.

All I'm trying to say is that unless gay, don't use the word amazing. Got it?


+ Corey T.
  Apr 27, 2007 11:51


+ Tommy G.
  Apr 27, 2007 15:30
Then you look like the people from the "Black Hole Sun" video:

(He kinda looks like he belongs on an Enzyte advertisement, doesn't he?)


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