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AIM SDK Released
programming : by Tommy - March 6th 2006, 07:50AM
Prepare the the onslaught of new web-clients, new client releases/updates, plugins, website AIM widgets, and countless computer magazine articles on how to write your own AIM client. AOL has released the AOL Instant Messenger SDK for public use. This is just one of thousands of articles hailing its release. It's been a long time coming, several years that I've been watching for it. When IM clients decided to use one protocol last year sometime, I thought the released of the SDK would be right along side the protocol decision.
I haven't looked at it yet, but I'll probably wait til someone else reads the documentation and comes up with a more friendly HOWTO. (Besides, I really don't care to write my own IM client anyways.)


+ anonymous
  Mar 06, 2006 13:45
im just waiting for someone to find the flaws in it that everyone knows are there.


+ coandco
  Mar 08, 2006 08:16
Heh -- and from what I hear, it's released under a pretty nasty license, which says that any client built using the SDK can't connect to multiple IM services.


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