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neodux : by Tommy - December 8th 2009, 11:54PM
Now for something for our regular visitors and contributors - is there such a thing? I've added a small feature that will allow authors of articles, commentors and shouts to be displayed as links to wikipedia. No longer will you have to copy/paste the word in to Wikipedia and type in your "a href" HTML to have a link created, instead you only have to put the [ wiki ] tags around the word, vbCode style. (Contributors should know what I'm talking about.)

Now it is easy to make a direct link to a wikipedia article. It's a simple use of a regular expression that matches both of the tags. And these are just more words to display more URLs to wikipedia articles.

tags: wikipedia tags neodux

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neodux : by Tommy - December 8th 2009, 11:28PM
Ok, I finally got off my duff and fixed the signup page for those of you seeking new accounts. Long ago I decided to implement the reCAPTCHA mechanism to both block spammers and bots from creating accounts, but also to do some good.

For those of you that may not know what a CAPTCHA is, it's a block of text that is hard for computers to decode. Humans are great at pattern recognition, so it's a quick, easy way to ensure the person looking at the page is a real, live human - versus an automated spam bot. For more information about CAPTCHAs, check out the wikipedia article above.

How is reCAPTCHA different? Glad you asked. reCAPTCHA's aim is to assist in digitizing text of printed materials to help save and archive them for future generations. At the time of writing this, reCAPTCHA is helping to digitize old issues of the venerable New York Times, which is over 150 years old. reCAPTCHA's website says that over 200 million CAPTCHAs are solved per day, so if every CAPTCHA did something productive, you can see the benefit. So, that's why I went with reCAPTCHA, just my little way to help do my part.

tags: captcha signup accounts

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Christmas Season 2009
neodux : by Tommy - November 27th 2009, 11:17PM
Well, that was Thanksgiving and Black Friday. I was able to take advantage of a couple of good deals at Ace Hardware where I picked up a 12gal Shop-Vac ($19.99) and toolbox ($4.99). I didn't brave any stores very early, I chose to sleep in.

But, with the beginning of Christmas Season comes the Christmas Lists. Below is a list of Wishlistr links for Neodux members. Members, feel free to edit this post and link to your wishlistr.

  • Tommy's Wishlistr
  • Jennifer's Wishlistr
  • Greg's Wishlistr
  • Nikki's Wishlistr
  • Jeff's Wishlistr
  • Mom's Wishlistr

    Other Folks:

  • Mackieman's Wishlistr

    Get your links in soon, I'm going to make this a Christmas-time widget. update: Widget created. See upper left corner.
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    TGIMBOEJ Received
    hardware : by Tommy - November 18th 2009, 09:54PM
    Well, today I received my first box from The Great Internet Migratory Box Of Electronics Junk. As predicted, there was a lot of random stuff inside. Several bags of discrete components (capacitors, LEDs, etc), some DC motors of varying sizes and ratings, some copper-clad PCBs for homemade etching (with transfer film - very tempting), a couple of pagers, some random gears and knobs, a nice pack of 7 segment LEDs, some project enclosures, some random PCBs, wire wrap supplies, a DIY 9-pin serial cable and connector, and a nice looking character LCD that was unfortunately cracked right in the center.

    Quite a bit of stuff to choose from. I chose to take out a 9V battery clip, some 7-segment LEDs, and the 2 project enclosures. I plan to use the parts for a solar-powered arduino project I read about and have been wanting to try out.

    I'll probably pick some unsuspecting geek and mail the box out to him in a couple days. That is, after I dig up some worthy additions to the box. Interested in joining the ranks? Sign up!

    tags: electronics, kits, junk

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    Multiple profiles in Firefox.
    meat : by Corey - November 11th 2009, 04:55PM
    A large part of my job involves testing websites for various things. Most often, I use a series of Firefox add-ons and some other external tools (proxy server, for example) to perform the tasks I need to do.

    Regularly, this involves clearing all cookies and personal data from my Firefox profile. I need to ensure cookies are set correctly and it's tough to do that when all of my regular browsing cookies are there too. Moreover, clearing them all when I need to perform testing requires that I then log into each site I go to regularly again. This makes me a sad panda.

    I began browsing the Firefox Add-ons site to try and find an extension or other tool that would allow me to switch profiles on the fly so that I could keep my regular Firefox profile, and all the sites thereunto visited, safely tucked away and ready for my usage at my command all the while maintaining a profile that I could mercilessly abuse in the name of testing.

    Of course, such a thing does not exist. However, all is not lost. The Mozillazine has an article on profile management that essentially outlines the method by which the built-in profile manager can be accessed.

    As noted above, I am a whiny Firefox user. I do not want to be prompted by the profile manager each time I start Firefox. The solution to this is to have a separate Firefox shortcut with the -profilemanager flag set. I store this in with my regular application shortcuts so that it is easily accessible when I need it. Your profile selection is persistent across sessions, meaning that normal Firefox shortcut will open Firefox with the last profile you selected in the profile manager.

    This allows for completely separate add-ons, themes, home pages, connection settings, security settings, and toolbar setups.

    Continue reading...

    tags: Firefox profile switching beef

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