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Top Ten trash-talk lines...
sports : by Nate - February 24th 2008, 09:14PM
... for Tony Romo when I play his team in rec-league basketball.

10. Someone told me you're Tony Roma, I love your ribs.
9. Do you play rec league football? Our team could use a backup QB.
8. Aren't you the place-kick holder for the Cowboys?
7. I was hoping Jessica would be here, but I guess you play better when she's not.
6. Has anybody ever told you that you look like you could be Tony Romo's little brother?
5. Don't quit your day job.
4. How does Jerry Jones' butt taste?
3. I hope we play you guys in the first round of the playoffs
2. I watched a lot of film to prepare for this game, well, if Dukes of Hazzard counts.
1. Sorry, I'm usually better than this, but I just got back from Cabo.

P.S. Jason Witten is on his team too. This should be fun...

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Phun with Physics
games : by Tommy - February 22nd 2008, 05:04PM

It's hard to categorize exactly what Phun is. A game? There's no rules really. You could argue that it's educational, but it's just so darn fun. It's alot like a 2D virual Lego set: stimulating free-form play.

Created by Emil Ernerfeldt for his Master's thesis, Phun is a physics engine with dynamic shapes that can be arranged, moved and associated however you wish. For more info, check out the Phun webpage.

Grendel sez: Here's my first creation. The chain was a doozy to get working right.

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Freedom of Information
news : by Greg - February 18th 2008, 08:15AM
So I was talking to Kim the other day and she mentions that what would be really nice is a non biased listing of all major religions and what they stand for and believe.

Most people affiliate with a particular church because it's how they grew up, i.e. that's where mom and dad choose to take you. But a much better way to choose would be to see the different denominations and choose one that most closely fits your personal faith.

At this point I mentioned that there's probably a website out there to facilitate that, but I haven't a clue what it is.

This also brought up the issue of having a stances guide for presidential candidates. There's Vote Smart and some other sites to give out bio stats but nobody lays out a unbiased look at each candidates stance on major issues, or what each candidate considers major issues. A lot of that has to do with candidates not wanting to be painted into a corner or having their stances be oversimplified, but thats not impossible to work around.

It seems like we have hundreds or thousands of data tools to use online if it's in the interest of helping us consume, but finding really useful information in a helpful format on things like religion or politics is a huge pain in the butt. Why can't getting information about denomination choices or presidential choices be as easy as getting facts about video card choices?

If you need me I'll be out defending our system of consumerism, hoo-ah!

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Step Off My Grill, Dog
meat : by Tommy - February 17th 2008, 09:10PM
After looking around at the different "big box" stores around town, Jennifer and I decided on a nice grill to replace my sad, hand-me-down. I have been wanting a new grill for about 2 years now, but just never broke down and got one. Up until last fall I had a grill that was so-so from the previous tenants in our apartment. I started having problems with it so I picked up Notorious' old grill. I never fixed it up, so I've been without a decent grill for several months. (It's been rough.)

Today, we went looking for a replacement. We settled on a nice one from Char-Broil at Home Depot (sry ltd, Lowe's just didn't have any I liked). It has a stainless steel body, hide-away tank storage area and a side-burner (A feature I've been looking forward to). One benefit of the new grill is the 3 burners so I'll have a bit more flexibility in the heat. It also has the quieter electronic ignition, as opposed to the old piezo-electric "ker-chunk" starter (used in so many potato guns). The side burner is also a welcomed addition. No more stinking up the house when frying anything and I can cook a large pot of shrimp or crawfish outside now too. w00t!

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Sirus for a Lifetime
music : by Tommy - February 11th 2008, 12:52PM
Well, it's about that time of year again. Mardi Gras? Valentine's? Nope, it's time to renew my Sirius contract.

I've loved having it over the past year. It's made roadtrips that much more enjoyable. Any news I would otherwise miss I can get on CNN, Fox, NPR, Bloomberg and the list continues. As for music, which was the reason I got it, almost always has something fresh that I want to listen to. No more scrolling through pre-made selections of mp3s for me. In fact, I don't even think I've used my CD player more than a few times over the past year.

I love my Sirius so much I decided to go for a lifetime account. The website claims $499.99 but it's currently $399.99. The payments are spread out over a few months. They take into account any time left on your current plan (I should've done it sooner!) and knock that off your first bill. The lifetime account carries over to the merging of XM and Sirius, whenever that happens, and I'll only see more content on my channel selection, no additional payments required. I'm excited and you should be too.

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