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news : by Tommy - December 12th 2008, 12:13AM
Very interesting and very odd. I'm sitting here writing my last paper of the semester and I get an IM.
The conversation goes as follows:
    CuddlingCoho: Hey.
    GrendelT: hi, who's this?
    CuddlingCoho: I should ask the same. you started the conversation
    GrendelT: did i? when?
    CuddlingCoho: [12:56:07 AM] InstructiveCoho: Hey.
    GrendelT: (11:55:59 PM) CuddlingCoho: Hey.
    GrendelT: so, apparently you're on the East Coast...
    CuddlingCoho: yeah... so do I show up as "CuddlingCoho"?
    GrendelT yeah, and I guess I'm "Instructive"
    CuddlingCoho: you show up as "InstructiveCoho"
From there we exchanged actual screennames. I had assumed we were somehow going through some sort of IM proxy, hence the altered screennames at the recipient's end. A little bit of Googling for "Coho" returned this tidbit of information about TheGreatHatsby.

Apparently this little game has been running around on the net for quite some time, coming and going as interests change. After speaking with "axelstudios", aka CuddlingCoho, we discovered we had both just "dugg" a story on Digg. I'm guessing this phishing bot crawls Digg's live activity page to find users that are currently on, goes to their user profile page and screenscrapes their IM screenname. The trap is set and one IM between two random strangers fires off the lulz.
Quite brilliant in my opinion. I'd like to run it for a little bit just to read some of the IM conversation logs.

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Christmas decor
neodux : by Tommy - December 8th 2008, 09:53PM
I almost compeltely forgot to add the annual neodux Christmas decorations! As you can see, they're now safely in place. A gentle snow falls and a we now have a festive neodux logo.

In the real world, the lights are up on our apartment - we have the coolest light display on the block! (There's only one other apartment with lights.) Thanksgiving weekend, Jennifer and I went and cut down a tree at a local tree farm and decorated it all nice and pretty. We're all done with our Christmas shopping, and now Sirius is playing non-stop Christmas music on the Cinemagic channel. Christmas time is officially here.

And here's a great video of a dog having fun in the snow.

update: Once again, here's everyone's wishlists: Greg's wishlist, Tommy's wishlist, Jennifer's wishlist, Jeff's wishlist, Mom's wishlist

tags: neodux christmas

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Fantastic Contraption
games : by Tommy - November 28th 2008, 03:43PM
Fantastic Contraption is a great flash-based game. It allows you great flexibility in the design of your contraption. The goal of the game is explained in the tutorial - essentially all you're trying to do is get the pink ball into the pink area. Sounds simple enough, right? Each level gives you a different challenge. Either some pitfall or obstacle is in your way.

Many of you have probably already played, but I'd like to see your contraptions in the comments section of this post.

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Stop the Presses
news : by Tommy - November 19th 2008, 10:31AM
I just learned that PC Magazine will be going out of print this January. I understand why: nobody is really buying magazines much anymore. At least, nobody in the tech magazine market.

I got a free 2-year PC Magazine subscription off of a thread at SomethingAwful - or maybe I paid just a couple bucks for it. (It's good bathroom reading.) Before I got it in my mailbox, I would thumb through it occasionally while in line at the grocery store or pharmacy. I'm still guilty of this on other titles such as CPU, Maximum PC and others. I know this kind of behavior is what kills off magazines, but I can't see shelling out $5 every month for every magazine worth reading.

Sadly, another of my favorite magazines is going out of print too. World Radio magazine, a ham radio publication, was bought up by CQ Magazine. CQ will cease print production of World Radio and they claim that it will live on in an online publication. Judging by their eye-bleed websites, I can't see that lasting long at all.

PC Magazine claims they'll continue an online presence and perhaps that will bumble along for a while, but unless they can survive on online advertising alone, they're doomed. Online paid content doesn't have much of a market or future.

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RMS on the death of OLPC
olpc : by Tommy - November 3rd 2008, 02:51PM
Richard Stallman gives an interesting look at why the One Laptop Per Child project has "died". I don't think there's much happening with this project that had so much promise just 1 year ago. If you'll notice, I haven't given it much attention since this time last year because of the changes in administration and the "sell out" to major corporations for financial gain.

I guess it was too good to be true.

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