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ZipIt Z2 Linux
linux : by Tommy - October 9th 2009, 11:29PM
Well, after almost a year of putting off, I finally installed linux on my ZipIt Z2. Jennifer's brother-in-law gave it to me last year right before Christmas. He received one free as part of a promotion and handed it off to me to tinker with. The big problem for me was finding a miniSD card. microSD cards can be found alot more easily (and cheaper) than the miniSD. I was able to snag a miniSD from some retailer on pricewatch. (i know, remember that place?!)

So my 2Gb miniSD finally came in the other day and I'm all set. Lo and behold HunterDavis posted a new tutorial using a Windows machine. I figured I'd give his tutorial a try and found the whole process to be fairly straight foreward. Hats off to HunterDavis and others that paved the way for this.

After following Hunters tutorial to the tee, I was ready to connect to my network, I followed dhenke's tutorial to get a feel for the small keyboard's "hidden" keystrokes (and to dust off and refresh my wpa_supplicant config skills).

I hope to get a NES emulator running on this, that's been my end goal all along and I doubt I do anything more than that with this. But seriously, Tecmo Super Bowl or Legend of Zelda in my pocket/backpack?! Yes, please.

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OpenWRT installed
linux : by Tommy - April 3rd 2006, 03:21PM
This has to be the hands-down easiest mod I've undertaken. I read last year about the OpenWRT team playing with linux on the Linksys WRT54G router. Cool, but not much use to me (especially since I had a wireless router at the time and didn't even need wireless!).

Well, as many of you know, last holiday season, Jennifer and I got a laptop. It has wireless built in, so, obviously the next step is to get a wireless router. I bought a cheap router from a goon on SA-Mart for next to nothing. (It had a few problems, so it didn't really do the job.)

After looking around at several stores for a good router, I finally found a pre-5.0 serial number WRT54G at Office Depot. They price matched WalMart, so I bought it and took it home. I downloaded the proper .bin image for the 4.0 model that I bought. I hooked up the router, connected the laptop, uploaded the new image and voila! OpenWRT was installed.

Package management is very straight forward and the system is layed out the same as any other linux system - so it was easy to get around.
So far, all I have installed is the WakeOnLAN, NTP client(which checks time at midnight) and I have MAC cloning setup on the WAN.

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w00t! New Hardware Goodness
linux : by Paul - December 30th 2004, 05:26PM
Well I just got myself a new Leadtek GeForce 6600GT video card, with the intent of running Doom 3 in Linux.

Verdict: AWESOME!!

The video card installed without a hitch (I'm running Slackware 9.1) and Doom3 loads up in true native Linux mode (no WineX or other emulation in the way) and is fully accelerated. Yay for id supporting Linux!!

/that is all

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Linux Gaming
linux : by Tommy - March 16th 2004, 09:37PM
Well, I've gotten Slackware installed on this Dell Laptop that I'm borrowing. For those of you out there considering the total conversion to Linux, but are held up by the lack of support for games. You're not alone. That's been my entire reason for not ditching Windows has been for this very reason.
This evening, I came across a HOWTO for installing WineX. The HOWTO focuses on getting Half-Life to run.
Anyone that attempts this - before you begin, wget one of these scripts. They make life painless and carefree.
I have it working now. I can execute Windows binaries under Linux, but games are having issues. I'm guessing due to FreeType font-issues.

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SCO getting slammed...
linux : by Billy - August 21st 2003, 06:25PM
Is SCO "smoking crack"? In this hard-hitting interview with eWEEK, Linux creator Linus Torvalds disputes SCO's evidence of illegal Unix System V code in the open-source OS.

In a related anti-SCO attack, the Samba projects leaders voice their disapproval of SCO's stance against the GPL in this public statement.

update : Oh, the only reason we're posting this is because IBM told us to ...according to SCO.

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Flash Memory and VRAM
linux : by Tommy - July 29th 2003, 02:48PM
And now for something for all the speed-geeks. This was a post I had on the old neodux site, here is the link again. It's good reading for any geeks out there. (Probably completely useless to anyone else.)
In short, it's a how-to for creating a linux swap partition using your left-over video memory.

And, for those of you wishing to just boot from a non-volatile RAM-disk, go buy a CompactFlash disk and get a CompactFlash-to-IDE adapter. (There's nothing particular special about that one, its just the first of many) CF has very low seek times even compared against the fastest SCSI drives.

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