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Top Ten trash-talk lines...
sports : by Nate - February 24th 2008, 09:14PM
... for Tony Romo when I play his team in rec-league basketball.

10. Someone told me you're Tony Roma, I love your ribs.
9. Do you play rec league football? Our team could use a backup QB.
8. Aren't you the place-kick holder for the Cowboys?
7. I was hoping Jessica would be here, but I guess you play better when she's not.
6. Has anybody ever told you that you look like you could be Tony Romo's little brother?
5. Don't quit your day job.
4. How does Jerry Jones' butt taste?
3. I hope we play you guys in the first round of the playoffs
2. I watched a lot of film to prepare for this game, well, if Dukes of Hazzard counts.
1. Sorry, I'm usually better than this, but I just got back from Cabo.

P.S. Jason Witten is on his team too. This should be fun...

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