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Shotgun Hax!!1!
guns : by Tommy - August 13th 2006, 09:55PM
I recently found an amazing deal in an Academy sales paper. I found that they were selling the Mossberg Maverick 88 for ~$140. "Something's up", I thought. I read a few reviews and found that the Maverick 88 is indeed a "value" line by Mossberg, but wholly compatible with the more popular/expensive Mossberg model 500.

I consulted with my father-in-law, whom I had asked to keep an eye out for a good deal on a shotgun about a month ago. I showed him the sale ad and he was amazed at the low price. I told him what I had read and he said that Mossberg wouldn't put their name on something that will fall apart. He suggested that I jump on the deal as soon as possible. I did. After leaving their house, the first stop was at Academy where I looked the gun over to really examine the quality of the low-priced shotgun. Everything seemed to be in order and it looked like it would be all that I really need for now. So I purchased.

After some brief paperwork, I walked out of the store with my brand new 12-gauge Mossberg Maverick shotgun. Later I stopped at Walmart and stocked up on Winchester shells - I bought 100 shells.

Tomorrow, Notorious and I will have a "barrel warming" with some skeet to put this gun through its paces.

Update: Just got back from Walmart where I found they have 2 other chokes for this shotgun at $5 each. I picked up Full and IC chokes on the cheap. Good stuff.

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