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Who are we?
We are proud to be the only organized clan for any game that is so exclusive we do not have any members. We're not even really members ourselves, we're that damned exclusive - we try to talk ourselves into letting us join, but we just won't give in. The only reason we can use the tag is that if we didn't, nobody would know about [BöMB]. So we're essentially advertisement for the most elite clan on the planet.
How can I join?
You can't! You just aren't good enough. Ain't that a bitch! That's the kicker, no one can! Nobody is good enough! Not even the best of the best clans are good enough to join. You see, it's by having members that we would have to lower our standards of being such an exclusive clan, and then, what kind of clan would we be?! Exactly, then we would be like every other clan that is out there. So, by not having members, we are able to proclaim to be the better than everyone else, because you give us your finest and we say, "No thank you, you're not good enough for us, kind sir!"
What leagues are you guys affiliated with?
Therein lies the problem. Leagues require a minimum number of players in your clan for you to join. Seeing as how we are opposed to membership, we find ourselves in a position of being even too good for leagues! CAL requires your players enter the draft and jump through other hoops in order to join. Well, we have no players to enlist in a draft, and we have no hoops for you to jump through. We like to be up front and just flat out tell you, "no, you can't join!". Can't you see? Nobody can. Simple as that.
What about...
No! Just stop asking.
You guys hack, I know it.
Just because we beat your ass and you have no excuse for sucking so bad, does not afford you the right to say that people hack.
You guys suck, I didn't want to join your sorry clan anyways.
Hey! Screw you buddy, ok?

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