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Soothe your musical senses.
music : by roboprobe - February 20th 2005, 07:25PM
Ok, this is my first post. I am reviewing a newly released electronic album I have purchased. If you don't like electronic dance music (EDM), please do not waste space posting comments or I'll have to smack you.

Those who are biased against it might think it all sounds the same... right? Wrong, it's a lot more diverse than the mainstream, I'll tell you that; all of the crap that has been forced down our thoats by MTV, Clear Channel, top 40 radio stations and so on. As we watch people en masse follow the stupid trends that the idiots in these bands and so-called "musical icons" portray, it is refreshing to sit back and listen to a few albums that are rockin' from start to finish. That's how its supposed to be. Yeah, albums of this caliber are the equivalent of listening to Pumpkins' Siamese Dream all the way through. You get that tingly feeling all over when the last track is over.

But enough of my ranting, lets get to the music. The album I am reviewing is not a well known production. Kyau Vs. Albert from Germany. The album Here We Are Now is excellent from start to finish. The first disc is their production album. This isn't just another DJ mix. Every track here is their own and they are superbly mixed as well. This has it all. Emotional breakdowns, slammin beats, groovin basslines, fantastic vocals. A few guest vocalist are featured. CD2 is a mix compilation of some of their remixes and other artists as well.

This is an excellent duo that can only be compared with that of Gabriel and Dresden, Paul Van Dyk, and Sasha.. but with the Kyou vs. Albert twist and a their own defined style, shattering the rules of trance and defying the laws of breakbeat. Here We Are Now is a terrific Progressive album.

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