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Poor Dining
rant : by Bill - February 9th 2005, 03:17AM
So we went to have dinner at the World Famous Denny's Restaurant. Everything was going along nicely. We were seated promptly and had our drinks brought to us in a timely fashion. Then we waited... and waited... and waited... and finally we have our waiter come to us and ask if we are ready to order. We answer "yes" and he tells us that he will go get our waitress for us. Who should come to our table? Why, it is the same waitress we had last time we were there... Cheryl (sounds similar to the beginning of Chernobyl).

A little history... first time we had her, she was extremely slow, and didn't seem to give a crap about doing her job. Although she was rather horrible, I left her a tip of 15% (around $3.75), because I am a Compassionate Conservative. Jessica was tinkleed that I tipped less than $5.00, because she is a waitress and feels that she should tip 156% of the total. She also has a hard time comprehending that people should be tipped for doing a good job, and not given pity bucks because they hold the same job title.

Cheryl finally takes our order, and Jessica tells me about how we need to tip her better this time so that she will be a better server the next time we come in. I was like... negative. This isn't france nor is it russia. This is a democracy with a capitalist economy. I am not going to be giving away money to someone who doesn't work. My response tinkleed her off, but hey, she can get over it.

Some time later, our food is brought out to us, by a different member of the wait staff.

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Messages From Far Away
rant : by Bill - August 3rd 2004, 10:25PM
Just checking in to let all know what it is like in Costa Rica. So far, all has gone as planned. I have rather much liked my time here and will definitely own a house here. Only bad things here are the fact that everyone looks at the tall, white American and believes he is hellaweathy, so the bums always come up to me, and the taxis try to rip me off. They can all go to hell though, especially the taxis. I only walk and take the busses now. This will probably be my crappiest post ever, because WIN98 is in spanish, and the spanish keyboards totally suck. Seriously... why the hell do you have to rearange every freaking key. Anyway, this POS intel-celeroń/56mbRAM computer is tinkleing me off, so I will end this now. I only ask that Tommy find a way to improve this for me.

International politicing for George Bush is going very well. I have changed the minds of the Costa Ricans, as well as a couple hippies from the United States (Iowa & forgot the otherone). Costa Rica is now a safe place for Americans again. (you're welcome)

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Diplomatic Mission
news : by Bill - July 15th 2004, 01:33AM
I know I haven't authored anything for a while, but that is because I am hellalazy. Bite Me. Anyway, I thought I would take this time to announce to the world that tomorrow I will be heading out on my goodwill mission to bring hope, peace (after war), and prosperity to the third world. I will be leaving from Houston Intercontinental Airport today at 6:45pm, and arriving in San Jose, Costa Rica at 11:56pm (after stopping in Miami to slap Shaq and some Cubans). Once I am there, I will take a long needed vacation from not writing rants, as well as all the moving I have done lately into my new apartment in College Station. I have included a list of things I will be doing down in Costa Rica so that you all may feel like you are able to be doing what I am doing, even though you can't.

1. Host Pro-Bush/America rallies.
2. Visit the precious rain forests.
3. Visit the gorgeous beaches.
4. Visit the gorgeous lasses.
5. Learn the spanish language.
6. Hike the mountains.
7. Taste fine coffees.

Yeah, it probably won't happen like that, but it will be lots of fun, and I will be sure to give you all constant updates on the international platform that I will be creating and exploiting. I will return to my duties here Thursday night, August 19, 2004. Until then, I bid you all farewell, and hope to return to you without dying in a plane crash. Piece.

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Seperation of what?
rant : by Bill - August 24th 2003, 03:04PM
Chief Justice of Alabama, Roy Moore, installed a monument of the Ten Commandments over two years ago in the lobby of his court room. After complaints by a few people, a law suit was brought to the US District courts. Judge Myron Thompson then ordered that the CJ Moore remove the monument from the courts, but instead the Moore appealed to the United States Supreme Court.

The US Supreme Court refused to hear the case, because they are letting the minority push them around and are too afraid to hear the case.

This is not an argument of someone trying to force a religion onto another person. This is simply a case of a man putting up a monument to recognize the Ten Commandments as the basis of our laws and our legal system. The argument from the "Left" is the same argument we have heard year after year... "Separation of church and state!" Separation of church and state... where did that come from? What is that? The Liberals say it is in the Constitution, and they are right, it is found there... in the Constitution of the former Soviet Union! (Note the word "former".)
There is no where in the US Constitution in which this terminology is used. The only thing the "Left" has to base their claim on is the line "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof".

When we go back to the facts I stated in the beginning, you realize we are talking about a Chief Justice of Alabama, not the United States Congress. Furthermore, you see that we are talking about a Monument of the Ten Commandments, not legislation that is establishing a religion. When you actually go back and look at what they are arguing, you see they have absolutely nothing to base their claims on.

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